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Feeling Lonely or Depressed?

During this latest Corona virus pandemic, another crisis of sort is happening among elderly parents stuck to their bed rooms in the United States. It is a feeling of helplessness to this unexpected turn of events. You are not alone..

On one side, your visa (I-94) expired and applied for extension but no idea when you will get and worry. On the other hand, you have some unfinished projects back home that needs your presence. But don't worry and everything will be back to normal. It is a matter of few months.

Now is the time to enjoy time with children and grand children, all of them are staying home now.. Make sure you have proper visitor health insurance cover that cover COVID-19 among other medical conditions. There are many companies that declared COVID-19 as pandemic and quickly excluded coverage and there are other companies that stopped new enrollments into their programs. If you are in one of these situations, do not loose hope.

Many visitors to the United States got their medications from home for the duration of their stay. Now that stay got extended.. Need prescription for medicines that are lifeline for years. Don't worry. INF Health Care offers FREE doctor consultation program for all policy holders with zero cost! You can call the Doctor any time in need with no hesitation. Get your prescriptions for your regular medicines and continue to enjoy the life you are used to.

INF Health Care (KV Rao Visitor Health Insurance) continue to serve the community needs with their unique plan designs. More details of coverage and premiums can be found at

Check the INF Health Care and you will find a program that fits your needs without breaking your check book for your loved ones.

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