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India Network Now offers Traditional Insurance Plan

India Network is pleased to offer Traditional Insurance program effective Feb 1, 2011. This plan offers a maximum coverage of $150,000 for below 70 visitors and $75,000 for above 70 years visitors. The traditional plan pays 80% of covered expenses till $5000 expenses and after that it would pay 100 percent of covered expenses, Thus the overall maximum out of pocket for policy holder is $1000 and $250 deductible.  The traditional plan is recommended for visitors with no pre-existing conditions and are willing to pay a bit more to have the comfort of limited out of expenses in case of major/minor illness. The Plan benefits vary by in and out of network.

2 replies on “India Network Now offers Traditional Insurance Plan”

You said “Unlike many other programs of similar type on various web sites, India Network plan does not decrease benefits or otherwise reduce the coverage for 70 plus visitors. ” but few lines above it, you said “This plan offers a maximum coverage of $150,000 for below 70 visitors and $75,000 for above 70 years visitors. ”

Please explain how your plan does not reduce benefits for 70 plus visitors.

Dear RP, Thanks for your feedback. The comment is on benefits within a policy while your reference is policy maximum available for 70+. Currently, India Network is one of the few plans that offer 100K coverage under Standard and Premier plans and $75K coverage under traditional programs. Almost all programs in the market reduce benefits – for example benefits are not same for < 70 compared to 70 plus persons though they both take 100K program. In India Network Health Plans we have no reduction in benefits ie both above individuals get exactly same benefits. I hope this clarifies.

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