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India Network Health Plan offers Cashless Policy for Visitors

India Network Health Insurance program has been extended this Spring to include a special comprehensive health insurance coverage for all age groups with pre-existing medical condition coverage option. More information is available at  The India Network comprehensive medical insurance plan is the best and highest possible coverage offered in the United States for elderly parents visiting the United States.

One important feature of our plan is that it uses a PPO network - MultiPlan. The PPO network offered by  MultiPlan is one of the best and broadest networks available in the United States.  When a policy holder seeks medical assistance from a network provider, the policy would work as a cashless policy and the providers directly bill the insurance. In addition to cashless nature of this policy, the comprehensive visitor health insurance limits your out of pocket expenses...a great relief to many of our members. We encourage everyone to look into this program and take advantage of this great policy.

Click here to search for a MultiPlan Network facility or doctor near you.

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How to Evaluate a Health Insurance Plan for your loved ones??

In this Internet era, there are many plans that show-up in google search... some of them pay up to $6 to get your attention! Don't be misled by list of various vendors on the first page of google.. that does not mean that they are better than others but simply they have  lot more $$ to spend on advertising .. means that they will invariably have less money to pay your claims! All money spent on advertising has to come from the premiums you pay.  If premiums look too attractive compares to India Network Health plan, please read carefully all documents and ask questions. Since India Network Health Insurance premiums are derived scientifically, it is unlikely that an insurance company would offer plans with lower premiums for similar coverage. Be careful and get familiar with limitations, exclusions, small print, big print etc. Also, note that almost all plans in the market are advertised and sold by agents. . who sell many plans without fully understanding each and every plan they put on their web site.

As many of you know, India Network DOES NOT SPEND any money on google advertising or otherwise but still a number of you found it worthwhile to investigate and insure your parents/in-laws and other relatives with India Network health Plan - the only plan that exists more than two decades and still serving the needs of many of our members. With India Network, you are getting a plan that has vetted by many parents in the past two decades and found the plan is cost effective serving the very needs of the community at the best premiums possible.  You will not be wrong in choosing our comprehensive plan or the standard plan with pre existing conditions for your loved ones.

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India Network Launches Comprehensive Pre-existing Coverage, Effective Feb 1, 2012

India Network Foundation is pleased to announce that a new comprehensive health insurance plan with pre-existing conditions coverage of upto $20,000 with a maximum comprehensive coverage of $150,000 for below 70 years old;  and $15,000 comprehensive pre-existing condition coverage with $75,000 maximum coverage for 70 plus years old. This program is a unique program that should help saving conscious members who wish to limit their out of pocket expenses. The plan also known as Traditional plan is 80/20 plan which pays 80 percent of covered health care expenses upto $5000 and there after 100 percent coverage upto policy maximum for new medical conditions and accidents. In case of pre-existing condition related emergencies, the plan pays similar to the above example except first $1,000 deductible must be met by the policy holder. Please call India Network office for any questions or queries at 407-243-8760

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India Network Health Insurance Plan Continues Pre-existing Condition Coverage in 2012

We are very pleased to announce that the India Network Health Insurance will continue to offer its award winning coverage that includes pre-existing conditions cover in 2012. The current coverage of $50,000 for pre-existing will continue and we are working on improving that coverage to $60,000 with effect from February 1, 2012. This particular aspect of the program has been helping thousands of families stuck with unexpected illnesses related to pre-existing conditions, known or unknown to the visitors. While most plans sold in the market deny such claims, India Network has been taking care of those unexpected illnesses when purchased the pre-existing coverage plan.

The India Network Traditional plan (also known in various forums as Comprehensive Plan) will have additional option to choose pre-existing coverage. This comprehensive health insurance plan will be a unique program that offers ppo network in the United States as well as coverage for pre-existing conditions, starting in February 1, 2012.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

India Network wishes all its members, and their families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We are very excited to add more new features to our Health Insurance Program effective January 1, 2012, most imporantly increase the pre-existing condition coverage limit to $60,000... this highest amount offered by any insurance company in the United States. More details will be posted next few weeks.

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India Network Offers Accidental Death Benefit as a part of Health Insurance Program

Many of you may not realize that the India Network Health Insurance program has many important coverages to take care of your loved ones when they are visiting the United States or any country outside their home country. One of the specific benefits is called 'ACCIDENTAL DEATH DISMEMBERMENT of $25,000'. This is the amount that the Health Insurance Policy will pay in case of accidental death of visitor during their stay abroad. Partial amounts are payable in the following cases as well:
Life................................................................................. Principal Sum
Both Hands or Both Feet or Sight of Both Eyes....................................... Principal Sum
One Hand and One Foot............................................................... Principal Sum
Either Hand or Foot and Sight of One Eye............................................ Principal Sum
Either Hand or Foot................................................................. One-Half the Principal Sum
Sight of One Eye.................................................................... One-Half the Principal Sum
Unfortunately, accidents do happen and with India Network plan history of more than two decades, India Network distributed millions of dollars under this category. A major problem has been identification of beneficiary when paying death benefit. Please make sure that US Resident person, next of kin to the visitor is signed-on as member of India Network, and indentify clearly the relation between visitor and yourself. Second, please make sure that all visitors signoff on a beneficiary statement identifying one of their loved ones as beneficiary of any benefits payable under the program. This would help in case such a need arises and save time and faster disposal of claims.

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Tips in Purchasing Visitor Health Insurance Coverage

Purchasing a heath insurance policy for yourself or your visiting parents is not a easy task. Many folks, including health insurance agents are often confused with various plans, coverages, deductibles, and exclusions. This is more so with agents selling many many programs through web sites with minimal or no in depth knowledge of each program that you see on the web site. This is yet another reason to think of India Network Plan. This program has been in place for more than two decades, originally written and developed by Dr. KV Rao, a demographer and a statistician with keen interest in providing a combination of coverage, affordable premiums, and reliability as the core principals in developing the program. It comes from a non-conventional side of health insurance and thus many agents either misread the program or misundertsand or appreciate the benefits of the program. For example, India Network program is the only one that offers coverage to all ages groups and special coverage for pre-existing problems with affordable premiums, and a deductible that we can live with.  Yes, it is not the perfect plan but IT IS the best plan you could buy in the United States for your loved one.

You can rely on the experiences of thousands of folks before you in the last 25 years. The very reason that India Network Helath plan commands national attention is for its quality and innovative coverage options than advertising campaigns.  If you are confused as many of us are, purchase India Network Premier Coverage, and you won't regret!

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KVRAO.Org launches new online enrollment for Visitor Health Insurance Plans

India Network Foundation under the leadership of Dr. KV Rao launched a brand new design to assist community members in enrolling and renewing award winning health insurance plans offered by India Network. The India Network Foundation sponsors three kinds of plans for visiting parents, temporary workers, students and their families directly in contract with the insurance company. These three plans provide three different options - a standard plan covering new problems and accidents; a premier plan covering new problems, accidents and old problem related emergencies; and a traditional plan covering new problems in the 80/20 PPO type plan. The direct contract with insurance carrier along with greater number of community members participating in the program made it possible to achieve these coverage levels without burdening the pocket book. Even today, India Network Health Insurance is the only plan that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions upto $50,000. A number of visitors already benefited by this program.

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India Network Plan helping hundreds of families with pre-existing condition coverage

India Network health plan is helping hundreds of families everyday when their loved ones are sick with major illnesses such as heart attacks with our pre-existing coverage plans. However, lately there have been some who wait and purchase their plan just before heading to the emergency room with their sick visitor. Unfortunately, we can do very little for such visitors and their families. Everyday, we are seeing few families trying to use the plan for immediate sickness at hand and getting disappointed when they realize that no insurance can afford to cover a certain hospitalization immediately after the program. The India Network health insurance, like others, expects insured to be of their normal health at the start of coverage. Hence IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT ALL MEMBERS SHOULD PURCHASE THE PLAN ON OR BEFORE ARRIVAL OF VISITORS TO THE UNITED STATES AND NOT AFTER THEY BECOME ILL.

Please take advantage of the plan when it is available and get the premier plan coverage for all your visitors who are above 50 years of age whether they have an known conditions or not. This is the best use of your dollars.

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Visitor health insurance for Indian parents with pre existing conditions vacationing in the USA.

Fixed and traditional visitor health insurance coverage for seniors traveling to the USA cover the essential needs for new emergencies and sicknesses including in-patient and out-patient expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains and accidental death and dismemberment. But what if your parents have medications for pre existing conditions including diabetes or high blood pressure? Can a claim be submitted? If so, will it be reimbursed? India Network Health Insurance provides various levels of pre existing condition coverage for all age groups. Refer to the Premier Plan when using EasySelect or when enrolling online.

If you are a parent visiting family in the US, make sure you include visitor medical insurance when finalizing your vacation plans. If you become sick or have an accident, affordable visitor insurance can eliminate costly medical expenses. In addition to insurance, you may want to consider a cost-effective discount program for vision, dental and prescription drugs such as Aetna Vital Savings or Careington Discount Medical.

When selecting visitor medical insurance, you need the confidence of choosing a provider with experience and answers. India Network Health Insurance has two decades of experience serving the Indian community and is a pioneer in the industry. Claims can be made on-line and EasySelect provides a simple explanation of fixed coverage, traditional co- insurance and pre existing insurance plan options.